On May 2nd 2017, when spring finally came to Tampere and the sun shined warmly over the campus, the Erasmus + LEAD workshop on Academic Leadership on EU-China Cooperation took place at University of T

The 3rd Series of LEAD workshops will take place at University of Tampere, Finland from 2-3 May and at the UNIVERSIDADE NOVA DE LISBOA, Portugal from 4-6 May 2017. During 2-6 May, a series of LEAD wor

The 2nd Series of LEAD Workshops on Academic Leadership took place in Kunming and Beijing from 21-27 October, 2016. The topics of the workshops focused on Transformation of Higher Education Institutio

On March 21st, VUB welcomes leaders from European and Chinese universities to a high level conference about academic leadership in a changing educational context. The conference and following workshop

Within the framework of the project VUB with support of UNICA launched LEAD needs analysis questionnaire. The European expertise and experiences will help the Chinese HEIs to strengthen their governan

The LEAD project was selected for funding under an Erasmus+ KA2 Capacity Building Project in the field of Higher Education supported by the European Commission . The project is coordinated by Vrije Un