LEAD project and VUB-CI jointly organised the EU-China Seminar on Research Collaboration: Collective Leadership

The LEAD project and VUB-CI jointly organised the seminar on "EU-China Higher Education Research Collaboration: Collective Leadership" on 29th September 2017. The seminar has welcomed the participation of 40 European and Chinese academic leaders and key staff members who are interested in research collaboration and academic leadership skills.

Dr. Jacqueline Couder, HEAD of VUB-IRMO and Prof. Dr. Chang Zhu Director of VUB-CI & LEAD project coordinator, welcomed partners and participants from China (eg. Renmin University of China, Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Tongji University, Shanghai International Studies University, Sichuan University, Yunnan Normal University, National Academy of Education Administration) as well as colleagues from European universities (eg. University of Tampere in Finland, Middle East Technical University in Turkey, University of Zagreb, UNICA)  and members from different departments of VUB.

VUB R&D European Liaison Office coordinator, Wim Schreurs explained EU funding opportunities for researchers and VUB specific support to research teams; Dr. Mika Skippari - Research Director at the Faculty of Management of University of Tampere has provided and exchanged insights on research capabilities of Tampere University.

Prof. dr. Melita Kovacevic from Zagreb University; Prof. dr. Liu Baocun from  Beijing Normal University and Prof. dr. WANG Zhiqiang from Shanghai International Studies University shared their views and experiences as principle investigators with regard to collective leadership in collaborative research projects.  Prof. YANG Huilin, Pro-vice Rector, Director of Center for European Studies, Renmin University of China shared his views and vision on EU-China research cooperation and its way forward.

The various international experiences presented at the seminar allowed all participants to reflect and fruitfully discuss the existing challenges in EU-China research cooperation and student/staff mobility as well as new opportunities to support and enhance EU-China research cooperation.

Seminar Melita

Seminar Mika

Seminar 29.09