LEAD job shadowing and LEAD Seminar on “ EU-China Higher Education Research Collaboration: Collective Leadership” 25- 29 Sep. 2017

From the 25th to the 29th of September 2017, the LEAD project consortium is organizing the LEAD project job shadowing event in Brussels, hosted by VUB.

The LEAD job shadowing programme includes academic leadership training as well as job shadowing peer-to-peer learning and exchange activities. The selected academic staff  will be matched with peers and – throughout the week – they will have multiple opportunities to discuss in pairs or groups in order to exchange experiences on academic leadership. This peer-to-peer learning experience is unique for the academic leaders to understand the job functions of their peers in another context, from which they can learn to function better in  their academic leadership roles.

The objective is to deepen the understanding on key issues linked to academic governance, enhance the leadership skills of academic leaders, and to facilitate the sharing of best practices which will thrive the development of twin/sister institutions/departments among the actors involved.

On 29th September, in cooperation with VUB Confucius Institute, the Seminar on “EU-China Higher Education Research Collaboration: Collective Leadership” will be held as the concluding event of the week.

On this occasion, around 40 academic leaders will gather to discuss key issues related to the establishment of research collaboration projects and its collective leadership. 

Prof. Dr Sonja Snacken – VUB Vice Rector of International Policy - will be opening the welcome session and keynote speeches will be given by both European and Chinese academic leaders. The program includes a session on EU funding opportunities, University research policies & strategies and it will allow an exchange of best practices on cooperation and leadership under collaborative research projects. 

The draft programme of the seminar can be found here.