LEAD academic leadership job shadowing programme in Sep. 2017

LEAD job shadowing is part of the LEAD project activities. It supports selected academic leaders from LEAD partners to job shadow a counterpart (with similar job function) at another project partner in order to share experience and develop academic leadership and relevant competences.

The job shadower can be university-level academic leaders or other university/institution/department level academic leaders. With well-defined and well-prepared job shadowing, the learning process can go much deeper and can facilitate the learning and exchange of experiences in depth, and facilitate cooperation such as development of twin/sister institutions/departments between the actors involved. This will be mutually beneficial as the exchange of experiences, cooperation, and learning from both sides can deepen the understanding on key issues and strengthen the capacities of partner universities on governance and academic leadership. 

The LEAD academic leadership job shadowing programme for LEAD partners will take place in Brussels during 25-30 September 2017.

LEAD partners can apply for the job shadowing place. The application form is available here.

LEAD job shadowing